3 Ways God Carried Me When My Son Almost Died

I waited for the doctor to place my baby in my arms, but they snatched him and ran to another room. Then they rolled me into post-op while my husband changed out of his scrubs. Sometime later, a guy in a white coat strolled in the lonely room and said a blur of words: “hole—diaphragm—can’t breath—may not live—will know more later.” After carrying my little human inside for nine months, my arms and womb lay barren.

3 Ways God Carried Me When My Son Almost Died

(Kavin, 17 days old, 7 days post surgery)

My heart buckled in agitated sorrow. God’s goodness and plan dented with fear and disappointment.

Will my son live? What’s going on?

The heat of possibly loosing my son melted me into the arms of God, even though I wanted to blame Him.  “Dear, God! Please save my son! Dear, God! Please save my son.”


3 Steps To Know How to Honor God With Your Time

Saturday morning I woke up with my mind jittering with what felt like a schedule of things to accomplish with little time—while my little ones asked to play hide ‘n go seek.

I know the right answer—play. But I kept saying, “One more minute. I need to load the laundry…One more minute. I need to make this phone call.”

By the time I said, “Let’s play!” My oldest boy said, “Never mind. I just want to do my Legos alone.”

Mommy fail.

I don’t want my mind to spin in circles and miss the precious moments in front of me.

There is hope for us to not spin in circles.


3 Steps To Honor God with Your Time

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In Daily Office​ by Peter Scazzero, he shares a Hasidic tale about Rabbi Zusya:

Rabbi Zusya, when he was an old man, said, ‘In the coming world, they will not ask me: ‘Why were you not Moses?’ They will ask me, ‘Why were you not Zusya?'”

But when we are faced with the questions of how to use our time, what do we say yes to? What do we say no to?

3 Steps To Know How to Use Our Time:


1. Who am I? 

How has God gifted and wired YOU?

2. Where am I? 

What does your season of life look like right now? 

For me, loving my family well, going to school, and encouraging others through writing and speaking are the only consistent commitments I can make. That’s it. Not much. 

But let’s be honest. It’s a struggle not to join the next Bible Study, lead the next church event, or say yes to every job opportunity.

Every yes is a no. Or, as @louiegiglio posted on Instagram, 

“Whenever you say yes to something, there is less of you for something else. Make sure your yes is worth the less.” 

3. What is God saying? ​

  • Read the Word, which teaches us who God is and how to love Him.
  • Pray about each opportunity—and each day.
  • Obey what you believe might be the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I’m not sure, but I choose to walk in what I ​think​ the Spirit is leading. And the more I follow the stirring of the Spirit, the more I learn how to recognize His leading from within.

I should have quieted my heart on Saturday and listened. I think the Spirit would have led me to play hide ‘n seek instead of laundry. Because I think God cares about how we use all our time—even the time we spend on simple matters of life.


God’s Spirit leads you where the Bible does. What honors God in the Word, honors God in your life.



Lord, God, Ruler of heaven and earth, sustainer of all things, we give You praise. I pray for my sister in Christ reading this. I ask that You lead her to know who she is, where she is, and what You are saying to her in how to use her time. Because our time is Your time. You give us the breath we have in our bodies. You planned our days before there was one. So, we come to You and ask: Guide us. Lead us. Teach us. Show us. And help us to obey. AMEN.

How Motherhood is a Life of Heroic Faith

Motherhood is a life of heroic faith.

We live by faith because we hope for what we do not see—God’s ongoing work in our children, His work through Jesus, and His finished work in the future.

And we put in the hard work right now, hoping for an unseen result some time later.

But heroes of faith are not perfect.

motherhood life heroic faith

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Motherhood can feel like settling for peanut-butter-and-jelly-kind-of-normal, where nothing amazing happens. Not so. Motherhood is a heroic life of faith.

3 Top Posts I Hope You Didn’t Miss

I left my day job, sitting at an office desk—to work in the home raising kids and started to miss some things—like self-care.

My job title changed to “stay-at-home mom.”

Which is kind of strange because I “stayed” more when I worked in the office.

Now I run, bend, crawl, push, carry, huddle, and hustle.

And in the middle of all the movement, reading encouragement just for me—gets pushed to the “to-do later” pile.

So, let’s change that.

3 top posts for moms you don't want to miss

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Reading the Bible and a bit of mommy encouragement will go a long way.

That’s where I come in.

My dream is to encourage you and inspire you in your relationship with God and in your role as a mom.

I’ve been writing to you for almost two years now and some posts are worth revisiting or reading for the first time.

So this week, I’m highlighting the all-time top 3 posts on the blog.

Here’s the posts that are a “Don’t Miss”:

  1. What My Unexpected Pregnancy Taught Me About Faith

  2. How Mothers Reveal the Image of God

  3. How to Fortify the Faith of Your Kids

May the Lord bless you and keep you as you serve and love today.

Love, Seana

Hope When You Have A Bad Mothering Moment

From Ephesians 1:7

I stood surrounded by my kids at the edge of the YMCA pool—and dove into a bad mothering moment. One kid complained about wetness, another about wanting a snack, and the toddler’s water curiosity sketched images of drowning in my imagination.

“STOP!” I barked. “Look, if you guys don’t stop complaining and move along, you’ll be in bed the rest of the day.” (Really, Seana? Let’s be realistic).

I felt the stares of other more skillful mothers.

I corralled the kids to the dressing room with more of my not-so-professional mothering and my eldest said, “Why are you being so mean?”

(Ugh. Isn’t it annoying when your kids call you out and they’re right?)

“Because I’m a sinner, Kavin,” I said. “I make bad choices and I need God’s help.”

Do you ever make bad choices in mothering? There’s hope.

Hope for Bad Mothering Moments

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Bad motherhood moments happen. But instead of letting these choices define your motherhood, there is a way through to victory. #motherhood #grace #Ephesians #Bible #Hope #Guilt #Freedom #Shame #Parenting #ChristianParenting #ChristianFamilies #GospelParenting #Sin #BadParenting #ChristianMom #Forgiveness #Strength

The Only Thing That Really Matters in Motherhood

From Luke 10:38-42

My motherhood anxieties are like a perpetual printing press, broadcasting insecurities. As soon as one rolls off—black ink soaking into fresh paper—another fills the cue.

I want to yell, “Stop the press!” But instead I slip into my seafoam-blue armchair—to cry—and pray.

I’m tired, I silently vent to God. I can’t do this anymore.

Tears splotch my face and the Holy Spirit reminds me of Scripture.

God uses His words to rewrite my own.

And the words He shares can rewrite your headlines of insecurity too.

What really matters

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The Only Thing That Really Matters in Motherhood


Moms can worry about so many things, but only on thing really matters. If this is right, then everything else slides into place.

9 Simple Ways to Reignite Your Prayer Life

Sometimes my prayer life is like a fizzled firework. Maybe it’s the busyness of motherhood, but what once was an igniting movement of the Spirit in my personal and ministry life—lacks power.

When I want to reignite my close relationship with God through prayer, I wonder where to start.

So, how can we reignite our prayer life?

Reignite prayer life

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Do you want to reignite your close relationship with God through prayer, but wonder where to start? Here are 9 simple way to connect with God in prayer.

Why It’s Great That You Are Not Super Mom

I mapped out a pin-board in my imagination of the super mom I’d be.

The room mom. PTA mom. The do-professional-crafts mom. Have-warm-cookies-on-the-counter mom.

And then there’s me.

The me mom.

The always-fall-short-of-what-I-thought mom.

And for years (almost a decade now) I kept an inward tally.

But then I watched my self-worth start to fade.

super mom

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I was never created to be a super mom.

Why It’s Great That We Are Not Super Moms:


3 reasons moms should celebrate the kind of mom God created them to be.

3 Reasons I Still Trust God in This Crazy World

Freshman year of high school I asked a friend to tell me about Jesus. I don’t remember what she said, but I repeated some kind of prayer and believed I was “saved.”

It’s been 24 years.

Looking back, God’s always been faithful to me. Always.

And I’m not saying “God’s so faithful” like the lady that sits in a pretty dress on Sunday morning with a plastic smile and a melting heart. I mean God has met me in my filth and lifted me out of sinking refuse created by my poor decisions—again and again.

3 reasons trust God Crazy World

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But these past few years my trust of Him wavered. Not my plan, God. Not my way, God.

  • Like when my first child suffered from an intense skin disease and intestinal sickness.
  • Or when my brother-in-law committed suicide.
  • Or when we were homeless (but not roofless) for six months waiting on God to show us the ministry He wanted us to serve with. Didn’t we follow You, God? Why are we in the dark?

My faith has not swayed. I believe God is who He is.

But trust—trust is something that shakes loose if we don’t secure it tightly.

Have you ever questioned your trust of God?

You’re not alone. And here are a few reasons you might be able to fasten your trust of God as I secure mine. (more…)

Sometimes it's hard to trust God—especially in this crazy world and our own hurting places. But can we trust Him? I think so. Here are 3 reasons why.

3 Ways To Seek Peace When You’re Anxious

From a Mom on the Frontline of Anxiety

This blog post comes from the frontline of anxiety. I stopped today numerous times to focus on breathing because of a tight chest of emotions. I held back tears and screams—well, not all of them. But I tried. Letting the peace of God rule in our hearts sometimes takes more work than reciting a simple verse we memorized. Sometimes we need more ammunition and even to retreat.

Today anxiety ordered me into the trench of lies I thought I conquered years ago.

I just want to yell, “STOP!”

Kids, stop talking for one minute—Lies, stop taunting for one minute—Let me just. Catch. My. Breath.

seek peace anxious

Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash

Do you ever feel so anxious you want to scream, cry, or hide under the covers all day?

These are 3 ways to seek peace when you’re anxious.


How one mom seeks peace when she wants to scream from anxiety. It's actually more simple than I expected.